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ataArtist-in-residence Program
Organizers: Art Today Association, Center for Contemporary Art – Plovdiv and Center for Contemporary Arts Celje, Slovenia
Residency period: 20 September - 30 October 2006
Place: Center for Contemporary Arts Celje, Slovenia
Stipend: 500 Euro
Travel expenses – not covered by the organizers
An apartment for living is provided.
Resident artists have the opportunity to make a public presentation of their work, exhibition in one of our 3 exhibition spaces, collaboration with local artist community etc.
CCA-Celje, Slovenia is also interested in Curator's research of the local art scene in terms of future exhibition programme.
Deadline for applications: 8 September. Please send CV and short description of your project (in English) to arttoday@arttoday.org
The selected participant will be announced on 12 September.

ataArt Today Association presents
in the Center for contemporary art - Plovdiv, Ancient Bath

dance performance by Ana Karakasheva

Music by G. Bizet, Pano Manuilidis, etc.
"...and when his hands bit her shoulders and chewed and swallowed her back, he said:
- you are so stiff, as if you have been touched for the first time."
4.09.2006 /Monday/ at 20.00,
entrance fee 2 leva.

ataArt Today Association, Center for contemporary art - Plovdiv presents
Music by Tom Waits. Participants Mila Bancheva, Iskren Petkov, Ivan Petkov, Ana Karakasheva, Ana Miteva. Choreography by Ana Karakasheva.
13th July 2006, 21.00, entrance fee 2 leva.

ataUNZ. THE EYECHART SERIES (miriam mone/max gansberger)
– are Austrian articipants in the exchange Artist-in-residence Program of Art Today Association and < rotor > association for contemporary art, Graz, Austria. They resided and worked in the Art Today Multimedia Lab for a month.
artist group unz. (engl.: uz., paying hommage to all possessing possessive pronouns)was founded in spring 2005, to form common and diverging notions of the world. fields of interest are every day culture, its urban symptoms, society- based values and agreements, phenomenons of appearance, perception and form developing of industrial fabrication and standardization, cultural habits and processes of remembering, forgetting and replacing.
Presentation of their works - on JULY the 12th, at 20.00 in Center for contemporary art – Plovdiv, Ancient Bath.
eyechart series - are usually strictly functional things. you read them just to read them, thats their only pure function - the content doesn't matter. from up to down the letters and icons become smaller and smaller - it becomes harder by every row to recipe it. the unz eyecharts work the same way, using the same means of visual and formal language.
public paint - public temporary installation on plovdiv's roads and sidewalks. Vanishing traces of every day life requested to remain a little while, city's
flow holds the brush and paints it's expressionist pictures.
doggy vision - see with different eyes during the party at the bath.
music playlist by Блум
The program is supported by Austrian Embassy in Bulgaria, Plovdiv Municipality and Swiss Cultural Program in Bulgaria.

ataNo standart - nonstandard forms in nature, guest project installations and land-art. From 1st to 10th July in Center for contemporary art - Plovdiv, Ancient Bath. Opening 1st July, 18.00.
Exhibition No standart, a project of "Bright Day" Association presents photography, video, installations. Leader of the project Vasilena Mihailova.
The project is realized wit the support of Youth Program of EU, Swiss Cultural Program in Bulgaria and with the assistance of Polish Institute Sofia, Center for contemporary art Shoumen and Art Today Association.

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