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ataArt Today Association
Center for Contemporary Art - Plovdiv
The Ancient Bath

Call for entries
8th Art Positiv: ELASTICITY

In spring 2011 Art Today Association will host the 8th issue of its annual show „Art Positive“. The aim of this project is to provide a platform for Plovdiv based contemporary artists. This year?s edition is titled „Elasticity“. We will be looking forward to hearing your ideas and projects in accordance with the described concept in the following formats: doc, pdf, CD, jpg, DVD until March 5th, 2011.

Concept: Mariya Andreeva
By de?nition, elasticity is the ability of a body to stretch, deform, expand and shrink,
and somehow once again to regain its original shape. Welcoming someone?s smile we
never have in mind the elastic property of our skin, although thanks to it we can also
respond with a smile. This unique feature explaines countless phenomena of our
everyday life, as well as abstract concepts such as the dissimilar sense of passing time
while waiting for a train during a warm summer or a cold winter. In economics we talk
about price elasticity of demand and supply, which helps to achieve market equilibrium.
In theoretical physics and so-called string theory it is referred to as elastic universe and
in music we have resonance. Elasticity plays a major role in architecture, mathematics,
medicine, history, choreography, chemistry, anthropology, geology, politics, etc. The
theme conveys a dialogue between different disciplines in the context of the metaphor
as an instrument of contemporary art.

Possible working parameters:
reaction, deformation, adaptation, contraction, symmetry, stability

Material science terms:
modulus of elasticity (in pascals), voltage (in pascals), strength
of materials

Socially relevant topics:
opportunism, human & self design

ataArt Today Association
Center for Contemporary Art - Plovdiv
The Ancient Bath

shortfilmlivemusic: reconstructing Mahler
a vision?s gleaming sounds

Wednesday, November 10, 2010 – 8 PM. at Klub Basquiat, Gladston Str. 1, Plovdiv

shortfilmlivemusic is a unique film concert experience. Both, short film and experimental music get a chance to enthuse new target groups. Based on the themes of Gustav Mahler’s music the band will develop one-of-a-kind adaptations full of improvisatory joy of playing and modern sounds letting the ageless music of Mahler shine in new splendour.

Free entrance
Kindly supported by Goethe-Institute Bulgaria and Robert Bosch Stiftung.

ataArt Today Association
Center for Contemporary Art - Plovdiv
The Ancient Bath

METAPOLISM. Urban matters

AЯT PROTECTS YOU / Jochen Traar (A)
gangart / Simonetta Ferfoglia, Heinrich Pichler (A)
Institute for Cultural Resistant Goods / Barbara Zeidler, Abb? Libansky (A/CZ)
Josef Ramaseder (A)
Heiko Bressnik (A/D)

Curator: Jakob Racek

Opening: Oct. 15, 2010 - 5 PM.
Panel: “Utopias of disorder” with Alexander Klose / Berlin - 6 PM.
Exhibition: Oct. 16 - November 12, 2010

"METAPOLISM. Urban matters“ in the Center for Contemporary Art CCA Plovdiv shows artistic interventions addressing the cycles of utilization and devaluation of mundane things. Found objects, raw and waste materials are being recruited for artistic means and subjected to a series of rededications. Every project of the exhibition is set within different urban circuits and they all use “recycling” as an artistic strategy to create arrangements with an open outcome rather than completed works of art. Eight artists from Austria, Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic are working for two weeks in Plovdiv to realize site-specific installations that address the circulation of goods, people and intangibles. Their works are the starting point for a survey of urban landscapes and their metabolic processes.
“METAPOLISM. Urban matters” has set itself the task of learning from the maenadic systems beyond the order of urban infrastructure and to undertake an “analysis of practice” by artistic means. We approach the city of Plovdiv as a morphological field of forces in which models of spontaneous partnership and cooperation are vividly developing. The artistic interventions unfold this previously under-exposed terrain of informal urban agency. They move in spheres, where political decisions, social distribution and corporeal positioning are questioned in terms of a better understanding of the function of community.

This project is kindly supported by bm:ukk (Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture), Austrian Embassy Sofia, Goethe-Institute Bulgaria, Robert Bosch Stiftung, European Cultural Foundation, Municipiality of Plovdiv, Liebherr.

ataArt Today Association
Center for Contemporary Art - Plovdiv
The Ancient Bath

a project by Art Today Association in collaboration with the Goethe-institute Bulgaria

October 5 - 10, 2010 – every day from 8 to 10 PM.

The Bulgarian city of Plovdiv will host for the very first time the international FA?ADE VIDEO FESTIVAL starting on October the 5th, 2010. Exteriors in the picturesque part of the Old Town will be transformed into screens for video art in all its variety of forms. More than 40 competition entries of emerging and advanced video art authors from over 25 countriesall over the world were selected by an international jury: БBettina Steinbr?gge, Berlin, a curator and critic;Sevdalina KochevskaPlovdiv, an artist; Kalin Serapionov, Sofia, an artist; Krassimir TerzievSofia, an artist; Emil Mirazchiev, Plovdiv, an artist and the director of Art Today Association. The festival will close with this year's FA?ADE VIDEOAWARD winner on October the 10th, 2010.

Parallel events
A series of parallel events will accompany the festival?s main competition panel. On Wednesday, October the 6th, a selection of 40 years of german video art (40jahrevideokunst.de) will bring together some of the most progressive and influental authors from Germany in the recent decades. Within the open class panel we have invited Bettina Steinbr?gge to talk about "Modes of Curatorial Practice: Moving between art, cinema and performance". On the following day, October the 8th, we will show a special selection of video works produced within the framework of the "DAAD Berliner K?nstlerprogramm". Since 1961 this program has been inviting artists to live in Berlin for a year. The videos selected for FA?ADE VIDEOFESTIVAL represent the urban context of the German capital with its various historical, social and cultural strata. On Saturday, October the 9th, the open class panel will offer a"Video art tutorial", for artists, introducing some conceptual and technical basics of video art production.

The concept of FA?ADE VIDEO FESTIVAL follows two major ideas:
The urban space changes its function of a passive background and transforms into an active zone. The neglected public space of the Old Town of Plovdiv is transformed into a vivid place of artistic encounter. Connoisseurs of art and passersby form a unique audience. The facades themselves start to act, talk and move - they become alive.
Video art leaves its hermetic and privileged venues as galleries, museums and arthouse-cinemas. It is taken out into direct contact with the public and its surroundings. The facade becomes a new medium of encounter between artist and recipient, between art and urban environment. The festival will become a platform where cultural institutions, curators, artists, critics from all over the world will be able to exchange ideas and experience in the field of the contemporary art.


ataArt Today Association
Center for Contemporary Art - Plovdiv
The Ancient Bath

Facciata - fa?ade editor
media project in public space by "media architecture", Weimar (Germany)

September 17 - 18, 2010, 8 PM.

The project »Facciata« picks up aspects of change, flexibility as well as of combination and quotation and creates a mapping of the new facade. The facade becomes an image, an individually and interactively designed fiction within the real space.

"mediaarchitecure.de" is an award winning, Weimar based studio operating at the intersection of art, design and technology. Some of the studio’s projects resemble classical commercial work, but venture regularly into art, design or technology research. "mediaarchitecure.de" was founded in 2006 by Jens Weber and Andreas Wolter in Weimar.

»Facciata« is part of FA?ADE VIDEOFESTIVAL PLOVDIV, October 5 -10, 2010

This project is kindly support by Goethe-Institut Bulgaria, Robert Bosch Stiftung and Municipiality Plovdiv.


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